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Who wants to make bread with us???

So...when's the last time you slathered butter on a piece of homemade sourdough, fresh and hot from the oven?

If the answer is "never," we're here to change that!

You're invited to join us for a free workshop on how to make sourdough bread so good your neighbors will be coming over unannounced just to get a taste.

At the end of this workshop, you'll be able to maintain a starter, know why sourdough is so good for you, and understand all the different sourdough possibilities! 

Just a few of the things we'll be learning...

  • The history of sourdough in the US
  • Health benefits of sourdough
  • How we save money by making sourdough at home
  • How to use a starter
  • How to feed and manage a starter
  • The difference between a regular starter vs. a stiff starter
  • How to schedule sourdough into your weekly routine
  • Tasty food items you can make with sourdough!
  • Ways to turn sourdough into income

Sourdough doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or take a lot of time! Let us show you the simple + consistent way to make sourdough!


Why do we make our own sourdough bread?

  • We SAVE MONEY by making food at home
  • It's HEALTHIER and EASIER TO DIGEST than most breads
  • We've started a SIDE INCOME STREAM teaching sourdough classes
  • Homemade bread is SO MUCH TASTIER than a loaf off-the-shelf!

"But I've never made a loaf of bread in my life..."


Doesn't mean you can't get started!

Whether you're an expert breadmaker or you've never put a loaf in the oven, we're excited to connect with you through this workshop.

We first started making sourdough back in 2017. While it was edible, it wasn't exactly sellable.

So over the past six years we've been experimenting on the best ways to make sourdough. And not just the best, but also the easiest. We're busy people, and we needed something we could incorporate into our lifestyle without taking up too much time.

Fast-forward to today and we've taught almost a dozen in-person classes at our farm. Now, we're excited to share those six years of experience with you!

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Here's what people say about our in-person sourdough classes:

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Quick peek at the workshop schedule!

(The workshop videos will be released at 6 a.m. EST each day.)

Day 1

Why choose to make sourdough at home? The history, health benefits, and more!

Day 2

All about sourdough starters, how they work, and how to keep yours healthy.

Day 3

All the things you can bake with sourdough and how to incorporate breadmaking into your lifestyle.


Bringing back breadmaking...   

“Connecting with people, and giving them tools to go forward and make changes in their homes really excites me. The lost domestic arts are making a huge comeback, and for good reason!

In a world that’s more and more virtual, we need something real to sink our hands in. We need work, and we need the work to matter.

This is one of the reasons that I’m doing a Sourdough Workshop. It’s not just teaching you to make sourdough in a way that’s been so simple to add to my very full life, but it’s also showing you how you could do this in your own life/farm too!”


- Savannah Kilpatrick, workshop host


Meet your hosts!

Michael & Savannah Kilpatrick are farmers and educators in Carlisle, Ohio. Together they run the Farm on Central, where they pursue their passion of providing fresh and local food to the community.

In addition to co-running the farm, Savannah teaches cooking, canning, and baking classes from her kitchen. Meanwhile, Michael is also the host of Growing Farmers, a non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources for farmers.

Together, they reach a community of over 60,000 farmers, homesteaders, and families!