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When's the last time you slathered butter on a piece of homemade bread, fresh and hot from the oven? Or started off your day with sourdough cinnamon rolls? Or made a snack tray with herb & parm crackers?

Sourdough is a huge part of the Kilpatrick family lifestyle. We're a busy family (with both a farm + online business to run). Like many of you, we wanted to save money in the kitchen and eat healthier, but struggled with the time commitment and complexity of sourdough.

That's why I've spent the past six years developing a SIMPLE baking method that meshes with our busy lifestyle and produces CONSISTENT, mouth-melting results.

Whether you want to learn how to bake a fluffy loaf every once in a while, make desserts that will bring your neighbors running, or quit buying baked items from the store entirely, you're in the right place to become a sourdough master!

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Sourdough Startup Workshop

This FREE workshop includes 3 days of training! You'll learn about the history of sourdough, the health benefits and fermentation process, how to feed and manage a starter, how to schedule breadmaking into your weekly routine, and more!

This workshop includes bonus training in my kitchen, where I walk you through the process of turning a bowl of dough into a fresh loaf, filmed from two camera angles so you can follow along. Plus you get access to a Q&A from when we hosted this workshop live.

Learn more about the workshop!

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Quick peek at the workshop schedule!

(The workshop videos will be released at 6 a.m. EST each day.)

Day 1

Why choose to make sourdough at home? The history, health benefits, and more!

Day 2

All about sourdough starters, how they work, and how to keep yours healthy.

Day 3

All the things you can bake with sourdough and how to incorporate breadmaking into your lifestyle.

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Simple Sourdough Success Masterclass

A step up from the workshop, the Simple Sourdough Success masterclass is a comprehensive course designed to take you from sourdough starter to master. When you join the masterclass, you get access to 8 modules of sourdough training: 

  • Intro to Sourdough
  • Sourdough Prep: Tools, & Ingredients
  • Sourdough Starters: Creation, Maintenance, Rehydration, etc.
  • Sourdough Levain
  • Our Bread Recipe & 7-Step Process
  • Using the Discard: Recipes & Substitutions
  • Alternative Grains & Advanced Techniques
  • Perfecting Your Craft & Troubleshooting

You also get access to our exclusive breadmaker Facebook group, bonus training on making gluten-free sourdough, and LIVE sourdough Q&As!

Learn more about the masterclass!

Check out some of the feedback we received from past workshop participants!


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Why do we make our own sourdough bread?

  • We SAVE MONEY by making food at home
  • It's HEALTHIER and EASIER TO DIGEST than most breads
  • We've started a SIDE INCOME STREAM teaching sourdough classes
  • Homemade bread is SO MUCH TASTIER than a loaf off-the-shelf!

About your host...

Michael & Savannah Kilpatrick are farmers and educators in Carlisle, Ohio. Together they run the Farm on Central, where they pursue their passion of providing fresh and local food to the community. Michael is also the host of Growing Farmers, a non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources for farmers.

In addition to co-running the farm, Savannah teaches cooking, canning, and baking classes from her kitchen. She regularly teaches sourdough classes and has turned it into a successful side income stream.

Together, Michael and Savannah reach a community of over 60,000 farmers, homesteaders, and families!

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Bringing back breadmaking...   

“Connecting with people, and giving them tools to go forward and make changes in their homes really excites me. The lost domestic arts are making a huge comeback, and for good reason!

In a world that’s more and more virtual, we need something real to sink our hands in. We need work, and we need the work to matter.

This is one of the reasons that I’m doing a Sourdough Workshop. It’s not just teaching you to make sourdough in a way that’s been so simple to add to my very full life, but it’s also showing you how you could do this in your own life/farm too!”


- Savannah Kilpatrick, workshop host