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Workshop Schedule

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Day 1 

Why choose to make sourdough at home? The history, health benefits, and more!


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Day 2 

All about sourdough starters, how they work, and how to keep yours healthy.


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Day 3 

All the things you can make with sourdough and how to incorporate breadmaking into your lifestyle.


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Meet your hosts!

Michael & Savannah Kilpatrick are farmers and educators in Carlisle, Ohio. Together they run the Farm on Central, where they pursue their passion of providing fresh and local food to the community.

In addition to co-running the farm, Savannah teaches cooking, canning, and baking classes from her kitchen. Meanwhile, Michael is also the host of Growing Farmers, a non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources for farmers.

Together, they reach a community of over 60,000 farmers, homesteaders, and families!